impact : create shared value

  • blend purpose with profit evaluate outcomes find sustainable solutions

We have entered a time of financial uncertainty, social unrest & environmental challenges – a time of profound change.

How can organisations become more resilient?
How can sustainable growth be achieved?
How might brand & business advantage flow from creating value along your supply chain, as well as investing in broader societal benefits?
How effective are your current efforts?

This is a new terrain for many, with high-profile successes & failures. Our job is to help you navigate, to keep you away from the dangers & set a course towards a purposeful & profitable destination.

Here are three of our impact processes:

  • CSR >>> CSV

    Moving beyond Corporate Social Responsibility to Creating Shared Value.
    Freedthinkers puts the Michael Porter business & social vision into practice

  • Impact Evaluations

    How effective are your social & citizenship programs?
    How can impact be increased?

  • SED-ED Audits

    Socio-Economic Development & Enterprise Development
    How are your social investments doing?
    And how can they do better?

  • Risk management

Doing well by doing good spreads from athletic shoes to banking, from cities to coffee.
It opens new opportunities in this time of change.

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Thank you for traveling this journey with us!
I so enjoyed the process, the discussion, the thinking, the possibilities.
With your help, we have been able to arrive at a strategy that is salient, both to TFG and to the greater SA context.

Karde Buys, TFG