insight : research markets

  • know more about your stakeholders know how they feel about you know how you compare with your competitors

The people at freedthinkers are a very curious bunch – we love asking questions.

And we’ve discovered that the better questions we ask, the richer the response. We cover the research waterfront – from ethnographics to large segmentation studies.

Many of the techniques are common in our industry – a few we have refined & made our own.

We don’t conduct research to give you interesting outputs –
we give you stuff you can use.

But whatever the technique, these five things are sacrosanct:

  • Ask better questions
    Recruit responsive respondents
    Probe emotion as well as reason
    Turn data into understanding
    Turn understanding into action

Our Insights come from: Ethnographics, in-depth interviews, focus groups, friendship groups, wisdom councils, players & gurus dinner conversations, immersions and panels

Our work spans: brand audit, market segmentation, etc.... internal stakeholder engagement, new product development, communication evaluation, community engagement

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It’s always great to find a partner research agency in a different market that works in a similar way to us and thinks along the same lines.
 We really appreciated the fact that you took on board what we (and our client) were trying to achieve and helped us push our thinking to produce richer outputs.

Josh Hunt, The Futures Company, LondonBank