strategy : grow cultures & brands

  • see your common future work with shared values develop your brand story

When your culture is healthy, your brand
will grow.

Freedthinkers work with you to develop a robust culture, organisational strategies & brand relevance. We are facilitators & provocateurs.

These collaborative processes can include thousands for city visions, hundreds for organisational culture, a dozen or so in Exco for a business strategy, or your marketing director for rethinking the brand.

Amongst the co-creative processes we have developed & use are:

  • VP.VP - Vision, Purpose, Values, Priorities
    The building blocks of your culture
  • Purpose Cascades - The flow from purpose to action with Early Victories & Game-Changers
  • Brand-Builder’s Toolbox - A variety of tools designed to turn insights into opportunities

We provoke enriching dialogues, to explore differences & discover a place where all can meet.

featured case studies

thank you again for playing your part in our Brand journey.
The workshops were brilliantly facilitated with just the right mix of debate and control.

Christo Davel, Nedbank

Thanks so much for joining us … injecting the room with awe and hope … and steering us towards greater responsibility for our modest role in making the universe a happier, more equal and sustainable place!

Georg Gruber, Nando’s