the whole avocado

We buy an avocado for its fruit & unless we are horticulturalists, we throw the pip away.

Yet this pip is the source of another avocado, a tree, even a plantation.

It is natural, renewable energy. When it comes to organisations, the pip is your culture, the flesh is your band, while the skin of the avocado is your communication.

Positive, aligned cultures grow & sustain powerful organisations & brands.

When you look after the inside, you'll find the inside looks after the outside. Yet in the busyness of everyday, this inside is easily overlooked.

Freedthinkers work with organisations in the public & private sectors to:

  • Understand & acknowledge what is
    Co-create what can be
    Guide how to get there

We honour the whole avocado.

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The Caterpillar’s Lament

We are on the verge of a renewable energy revolution and its champions will be the 1% we now love to hate – the bankers. Whilst the environmental set has done much of the groundwork, they have also marginalised themselves by marching under a banner called sustainability.

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No Sense of Place

As I ascend 15 floors from car-park to plush offices in yet another aluminium box, I think of all the other aluminium boxes we now use for departure and arrivals, from bus terminals to airports.

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“Leadership is a matter of compassion and detachment.” - Tao te Ching